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Pigment Preparations

Pigment preparations are well dispered pigments in certain carrier systems, which can be easily used in the final application without dispersing again. Pigment preparations contain pigments, carrier (such as water, organic solvent, etc), dispersing agents and other additives in certain cases (e.g. biocide for water-based preparations). The pigments are well dispered by shear forces, then stabilized in the system with the existing of dispersing and wetting agents. Pigment preparations can be water-based (i.e. use water as carrier) or solvent-based (i.e. use organic solvent as carrier, such as alcohol based).

DyChrom developed various pigment preparations for different applications, including:
Dycosperse - Water-based preparations for universal applications,
Dycoseed - Water-based preparations for seed treatment application,
Dycotex - Water-based preparations for textile printing,
Dycolat - Water-based preparations for latex, etc.

Product List:
Dycosperse      Dycoseed      Dycotex      Dycolat